Thursday, 6 February 2014

Waldorf Blogs... from the Southern Hemisphere

Once I had discovered Waldorf, and many beautiful blogs that celebrate and embrace it, I started to wonder how to translate many of the aspects to the Southern Hemisphere... where to go for Australian inspiration for how to incorporate Waldorf into our daily lives.

And now, I thought I would share these inspiring blogs with you...!

Birdies in their Nest

Danielle writes about Waldorf homeschooling her two children in beautiful Tasmania. As homeschoolers they started with a Montessori approach, before moving to Waldorf. Seeing how the alphabet comes to life for her children is lovely. Reading how they bring meaning to the festivals of the year in the Southern Hemisphere is inspiring, as the seasons are celebrated with a pagan flair. Danielle and her partner also make beautiful Waldorf toys for their shop OrganicKinder.
Meagan writes about her beautiful family's Waldorf inspired lifestyle. Sharing about their wholefood baking, simple and lovely crafts, nature play and gentle parenting. I adore looking over the photographs Meagan shares, capturing the wonder of their days. And I have been inspired by the wonderful seasonal guides she has created that are well suited to the Southern Hemisphere.

I've shared my thoughts about Aleta's lovely space before, but for this post thought I would share a little more...  I love seeing the books on Aleta's wishlist {and often can't resist them!}, and find her crafting inspiring. But also love seeing her boys grow and explore the world around them. And like many other talented Waldorf mamas, Aleta also has an Etsy store *grin*

The children's birthday parties that are celebrated on Purple Pear Farm are so magical in their simplicity and nature focus {if only we were closer!} Kate has lots to share, as a past Steiner teacher now living on her farm, following permaculture principles and biodynamic farming practices. And Kate provides food for thought in how to celebrate the festivals of the year in Australia.

Although Natalie has started a new blog ~ digestible kitchen ~ I still enjoy revisiting the little gnome's home, where you can find delicious and wholesome recipes, angelic crafts and eco living inspiration! And Natalie's photography is so captivating *grin*

Amber seems to have incredible energy, sharing wonderful crafts and working on new projects all the time! I enjoy reading about Amber's approach to seasonal celebrations and rhythm. And Amber has written a book Creative Parenting for Fun!

More lovely Southern Hemisphere Waldorf blogs...

Tell us about your favourite Australian Waldorf blog....
And for inspiring Waldorf blogs the world round check out this post

Warmly, Kelly

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Monday, 3 February 2014

What we've been up to this Summer...

Rainbow dominoes have been adorning our coffee table. Winding paths, going up, down and around. The moment when you accidentally knock them too early, and the anticipation as you set them off as planned...

Little Miss caring for her 'sick' brother, asking how he feels and offering band aids... always band aids! I've never met someone so in love with first aid supplies *grin*

Whimsical homes for peg dolls and gnomes. Listening to Dino Boy create stories around them. He sets up puppet shows like at kindergarten, singing 'puppet show is in the town, everyone gather round' ~ who can resist?

Whirling marbles spinning through our beautiful wooden marble run. The patience of working together to create, testing as we go, followed by the reward of a finished run

Homemade goodies being played with happily, mingled together with other toys. Listening to Little Miss as the animals and dolls chatter and play... one of the most special remnants of play to find!

There can never be too much block play... I watch them piece together the shapes in different formations, looking for the colour spilling through. Making boats, houses, towers and all sorts of other wonderful things

Climbing, running, exploring a wonderful new park to enjoy, as I sip my chai latte *grin*

Watching them both gain more and more confidence as they run ahead of me, trying new things, but checking back in for that reassuring smile...

And quiet time, at the end of the day, as we get ready for rest. We read books of summer and enjoy each others company

Have have you enjoyed the season?

Warmly, Kelly

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bedtime yoga

I've been working on little ways to incorporate more movement into my days...

Now that I am working part time, doing school runs and going to playgroup, little time is left over for exercise, movement and meditation. So when some of my lovely readers on Facebook suggested books about yoga with children I couldn't wait to get started *smile*

We chose Sleepy Little Yoga... and it is the sweetest little book with a good amount of poses that help children wind down, stretching before bedtime... As well as getting this Mama stretching and moving alongside them *grin*

Little Miss Q is loving it too, and each time I say bedtime... let's go do some bedtime yoga she toddles off down to her room and gets the book ready.

Seeing her in the poses is one of the cutest things I've ever seen... she likes being the sleepy bunny {think child's pose}, the upside-down bat and bear cub with her legs stretched high into the air *grin*

And I know it is only a small amount of movement for me, but it is surprising how well I feel afterwards

Do you do yoga with your children? What books could you suggest?
And for more kid friendly yoga ideas pop over to Just For Daisy.