Monday, 4 March 2013


How cute are wombats!
I love how solid they are, with their short legs *smile*

So I went on a hunt for a felt pattern... and had no luck
So I made my own, and I am pretty happy with how he turned out!

If you'd like to try here is my pattern and tutorial

I used some lovely rainbow thread {thank you Hinterland Mama x}
And don't you love his button nose *silly smile*

A gift for Dino Boy's pen pal Hazel...

And then I found out that a lovely friend who was leaving work also loves them...
so I had to make her one for her farewell gift *smile*

For this second one, I needle felted his nose and eyes
Isn't he cute!

If you also like wombats...
Wildlife Fun 4 Kids have some super fun wombat activities to enjoy
And Boy Mama Teacher Mama has a great list of wombat books!

Happy crafting,

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